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Workman, Gillian. (1979). Jockey. Hong Kong: Heinemann Asia.

This is a story about a sixteen/seventeen year old boy, Chan Ka-Kei, who lives with his family in Wah Fu Estate, Pokfulam.  His sister, Man-Kei, quits school and works in a factory to earn money for the family.  Ka-Kei becomes an apprentice professional jockey with the Jockey Club after completing Form Three, and he shares a room with an affluent boy named Lee Fook who only wants to make a lot of money from racing. 

Ka-Kei shows his genuine interest in being a good jockey, and he is chosen by the trainer he wants to work for most of all.  Lee Fook’s father unsuccessfully attempts to bribe Ka-Kei’s grandfather to persuade Ka-Kei to loose the race.  Ka-Kei wins the race and after his fortieth win, he gets a license and a job as a stable jockey.  The Jockey Club also gives him back the money they have saved for him while he was an apprentice, which allows him to buy a bigger flat for the family.  Meanwhile, Man-Kei leaves the factory and after training as a secretary, is also offered a job in a big firm in Central.  This book is intended for children and teenagers. (FC)

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