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Tingay, Frederick John Francis. (1960). The Cave of Cheung Po Tsai. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press.  

The story is about the adventures of four classmates from middle school on Cheung Chau -  two boys, Chan Tsai (Po Tsai) and Yung Kee, and two girls, Fairy (Yung Kee’s sister) and Maggie . While Chan Tsai and Fairy explore Cheung Po Tsai’s cave on Cheung Chau, they tumble into the hiding place of Po Kee (descendent of Cheung Po Tsai the illegal arms smuggler) through a hidden trapdoor, and are  held hostage. Since their hiding place has been discovered, Po Kee and his assistants, Ugly Face and Three Fingers, decide to find a new hiding place in Sai A Chau, leaving the two kids in the cave, who eventually manage to  escape.  Meanwhile, Po Kee’s junk explodes as he makes his escape; only Ugly Face survives and is caught by the police.  No one except their friends believe Chan Tsai and Fairy’s adventure inside the cave, and the four friends decide to go back to Cheung Chau again to look for proof.  This book is intended for children and young adults.   (FC)


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