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Smallwood, Ian. (1989). Freedom. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a story about a fourteen year old Vietnamese boy Kam Shui who lives in an enclosed refugee camp in Kowloon.  He arrived on a boat six years ago and has no family in Hong Kong.  A fence at the camp is damaged by a typhoon, and  Kam decides to escape and hide in the hills around Tuen Mun.  He does not have any choice but to steal some tools and bananas from a house at the foot of the hills.  He climbs up the MacLehose Trail, goes into a narrow path and finds a small reservoir.  He makes a shelter there and lives on bananas and fish caught from the reservoir.  On the morning of the third day, he sees a helicopter hovering above the hills.  Later, he sees two men pulling a young boy of about eight years old from a van into a shed in the valley below.  When the men leave, he rescues the boy, Li Chun Fu, from his kidnappers and brings him to his shelter knowing what it is like to lose one’s freedom.  That evening, Kam Shui leads Chun Fu down the hill and tells Chun Fu not to tell the Police about him.  The Police arrive at Kam Shui’s shelter the following morning and takes him back to the refugee camp.  Chun Fu’s father, a rich businessman, arranges for Kam Shui to be released and legally adopts him.  Li Kam Shui begins living with his new family in Yuen Long, and he plans to start working in the family business. (FC)

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