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Rosen, Winifred. (1981). Henrietta and the Gong from Hong Kong. New York: Four Winds Press.

This story is about a little girl called Henrietta who lives in America with her older sister Evelyn and her parents.  Before she was born, her grandparents lived in Hong Kong.  Now her grandparents also live in America and they import Oriental Antiques.  Henrietta never likes to go to her grandparentsí house because they always make a big fuss over Evelyn, who they think is prettier than Henrietta.

 Henrietta is not a perfect little lady in their eyes.  She likes to wear  dungarees instead of dresses, and she never notices that her gloves are filthy.  Henrietta is forgetful. Of all the things in her grandparentsí house, Henrietta loves the big brass Chinese gong hanging on a stand at the top of the stairs -- an antique bought in Hong Kong.  Henrietta loves the sound of the gong.

One day Henrietta makes a fuss at a family meal and is told she cannot have any chocolate cake for dessert. While everyone else is enjoying the cake, Henrietta tries to get at a piece of chocolate cake on the table. Evelyn screams when she sees her sisterís fingers which are full of icing. During this altercation, the gong crashes to the floor. Henrietta's  mother is very angry but the grandmother tells Henrietta that her mother was nearly as wild when she was young. The Mother apologizes for being too restrictive  and gives Henrietta a piece of chocolate cake.  Before they leave, grandfather agrees to sound the gong from Hong Kong.  (FC)

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