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Morris, Gilbert. (2001). Nine-story Pagodas and Double-decker Buses: Travel in Hong Kong. Chicago, Ill.: Moody Press.

This book is the sequel to Kangaroos and the Outback: Travel in Australia, part of the Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids series.  It is about the adventures of the four Kerringan kids (nine year old girl Pearl, adopted from Hong Kong; ten year old boy Juan adopted from Mexico; eleven year old boy Seth adopted from Nigeria; and twelve year old girl Duffy Kerrigan) during a trip to Hong Kong with their father who is a pastor.  They make friends with two Chinese orphans -- elder sister Saun Li and brother Ping Li -- on the plane.  The Li children used to live in Los Angeles, but they are moving to live with their grandparents in Hong Kong because their parents died in a car crash in the US.  The Kerrigans often  visit the Li family while they are in Hong Kong, and bring friendship and joy to Saun, Ping, and their grandparents. Brother Kerringan takes the children on various outings and he takes lots of photos for a book he is writing.  One day, they visit the Po Fook Ancestral Worship Hall, and they are surprised to see a nine-story pink pagoda there.  After the visit, the Kerrigan’s find the Li children more interested in Jesus than Buddha, and they introduce the Lis to Christianity. (KB)

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