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McMahon, Patricia. (1997). Six Words, Many Turtles, and Three Days in Hong Kong. Boston, Mass.: Houghton Mifflin.

The book describes the daily activities and family life of an eight year old Chinese girl, Law Tsz Yan, who lives in Tuen Mun.  The “six words” (happy, hungry, friend, scared, family, noisy) in the title are words that she must learn for school that week; the “turtles” are the school children with heavy backpacks, like Tsz Yan herself; and the “three days” refer to the particular Friday to Sunday time period that the author writes about.  Tsz Yan’s mother works in Kwai Chung.  After school, Tsz Yan does her homework at a neighbour’s flat before her mother picks her up after work.  Her father who works in a factory in China during the week comes home on Saturday, and they go for a family outing to Ocean Park. On Sunday morning, they go for Dim Sum and family visits in Kwai Chung and Kowloon.  Back at home, Tsz Yan finishes off her homework and shows it to her father before he leaves for China again. (FC)


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