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Martin, Patricia Miles. (1969). The Dog and the Boat Boy. New York: Putnam.

The story is about a young boy, Chung Yong, who lives on a fishing junk with his family near the Kowloon Coast.  One day a small yellow dog follows him back to his sampan but his grandmother wants a cat to catch mice instead, and Chung Yong is sent to search for a good home for the dog. A man standing in the doorway of a gift shop agrees to take the dogbut later that evening, the dog returns with a leather pouch full of tiny carved pieces of ivory that the boy remembers seeing at the gift shop.  Upon returning to the shop, he overhears that the man he gave the dog to has stolen the ivory.  He returns the pouch to the shopkeeper. ...The Boat Boy brought back the treasures, the shopkeeper exclaims and rewards his honesty by allowing him to choose a piece of ivory for himself. The boy chooses the smallest ivory mouse and brings it back to his grandmother who agrees to allow the boy to keep the dog. (KB)


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