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Martin, Stella. (1996). Adventure in Hong Kong. Hertfordshire: Phoenix ELT.

This story is about the adventures of a young boy Jack Reid, and his younger sister Anna on a stopover in Hong Kong on their way from Sydney to London.  Mrs. Reid is worried about plane bombings making news lately but Mr Reid reassures her that Hong Kong is safe.  The family goes shopping for a cassette player for Jack.  A short non-Chinese man follows them from one shop to another, and eventually helps Jack to choose his cassette player.  On the ferry, the Reid family is distracted by a blonde woman’s argument with a man and then her attempt to jump into the sea.  After the incident, Anna notices a man walking away with Jack’s cassette player.  She wants to run after the man but does not when she sees the cassette player on the floor. 

At the night market, they meet the short man again, and surprisingly, he is talking to the woman who tried to throw herself off the ferry.  That evening, Anna wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a man standing beside her bed, holding Jack’s cassette player.  Although Jack’s cassette player is still in the hotel room, Anna is certain that she saw the man, so Anna and Jack chase after him.  That man is in fact a police inspector, and he explains to Jack and Anna that some terrorists have swapped Jack’s cassette player for one with a bomb in it, therefore he has come  to swap it back with a normal cassette player.  Jack and Anna volunteer to help the police to catch the terrorists at the airport, and they succeed. (FC)

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