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Marquand, Josephine. (1974). Chi Ming and the Jade Ear-Ring. London: Dobson.

 The Youngest Amah at the Liís house wants to get married, and Mr Jade, the Jade seller from Ladder Street, is interested in her. She tells Mr Jade he doesnít earn enough money just selling jade so he gets a job making and distributing noodles for the Salvation Army. She comes to visit him and he plans to propose but one of the white jade earrings he has made for her as a bridal gift falls into the noodle machine and the machine breaks down. Mr Jade loses his job and his bride. But Chi Ming gets into the machine and switches the emergency handle to make it work again so Mr Jade gets his job back. He sends a gift of noodles to the Li household for Leonardís birthday, and when he is eating his portion Chi Ming finds the lost earring. The Amah, who has been sulking all week cheers up and agrees to marry Mr Jade. They have a jolly wedding party.  (FC)


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