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Marquand, Josephine. (1970). Chi Ming and the Writing Lesson. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc.

This is a story about Chi Ming, a boy of around six or seven years, who lives on Ladder Street, where his family runs a fruit stall.  Chi Ming’s father, Mr. Yip,  wants him to enter school and obtains a form for the entrance examination to a school in the district.  Great-Uncle Ma also helps Chi-Ming with his education by teaching him to read and write. One day the young new headmistress of the school buys a goldfish from Chi Ming’s little sister on Ladder Street.  Mr Yip absent-mindedly uses the tissue paper entry form to wrap the fish food, and delivers it to the school.  Unable to find the entry from all the stall-holders on Ladder Street begin a frantic search and the angry headmistress returns and expresses her disgust at people who use her entrance forms as fish food wrappers.  Great-Uncle Ma apologizes for the unintended fault and reassures the headmistress that the people of Ladder Street and those at the waterfront value learning above everything else.  The headmistress allows Great-Uncle Ma to fill in a new form for Chi Ming.  Chi Ming does well in exam and is accepted as an evening pupil  Everyone on Ladder Street rejoices with firecrackers and lion dances. (KB)

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