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Marquand, Josephine. (1964). Chi Ming and the Tiger Kitten. London: Dobson.

This is the first in a series of Children’s picture books about little boy Chi Ming who lives on Ladder St. on Hong Kong Island. The books are illustrated with expressionistic illustrations which occasionally use collage.

A story about a little boy whose fatherless family (mother, Little Sister and Baby) live on Ladder Street selling fruit. They sleep at night under their stall. A typhoon hits and Chi Ming prays for safety at the temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Great Uncle Ma who is a letter writer down on the waterfront also takes refuge with them under the stall, and Chi Ming rescues a kitten in a tree. The kitten belongs to a rich Chinese child called Leonard Li who claims it back.

Chi Ming is reluctant to return the Kitten but Leonard’s grandfather offers Chi Ming whatever he likes for rescuing the kitten. He asks for a new awning for the stall because the typhoon destroyed the old one. Later that day, he receives a parcel with a red and white stripy awning. Great Uncle Ma writes a thank you letter which Chi Ming takes to the Leonard’s family’s house. Leonard gives Chi Ming another present – a lantern for the Moon Festivalwhich is occurring that night. Chi Ming gets to leads the children from Ladder Street in the parade down to the waterfront with his new Carp lantern.  (KB)


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