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Mackay, Colin. (1988). The Pirates of Peng Chau. Hong Kong: Whitman.

A fourteen year old boy, Wu Wai Kung, lives in the fishing community of Peng Chau Island with his family. Wai Kung helps his father on the fishing boat every day while his sister, Ne Wong, helps their mother. Pirates are frequent in Peng Chau, but have not appeared for a number of years.  One morning, pirates attack the village and take everyone prisoner. While escaping, Wai Kungís parents and sister are also captured. Wai Kung takes his fatherís leaky old boat and rows over to nearby Lantau Island  for help.  The villagers alert the soldiers of the Imperial Navy at the fort on Lantau. 

Wai Kung is worried about his familyís safety and decides to row back to Peng Chau to spy on the pirates instead of waiting for the soldiers who will only arrive next morning.  Together with his friend Tai Yun,  they set fire to the piratesí ships in order to prevent them from leaving before the soldiers arrive.  The pirates nearly catch them, but the soldiers arrive in time to save them. Wai Kung and Tai Yun are commended by the Governor for their heroism and receive a handful of gold coins.  Wai Kung knows that his father can get a new boat with this money, and they can go fishing again. (FC)

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