Children's Fiction




Levinson, Riki. (1988). Our Home is the Sea. Hong Kong: Whitman.

Our Home is the Sea is about a Chinese boy, around seven or eight years old, who lives on a sampan with his two younger brothers and their parents.  It is the last day of school and the boy receives his report card.  His mother wants him to be a schoolteacher someday but he doesn’t want this career.  He takes the tram, rides through market streets and wide streets and realizes that he does not want to live in the tall houses he sees.  He gets off the tram and hurries into the park where he sees an old man doing tai chi like a bird.  At the end of the park, he waits on the wharf for his mother to row  their sampan to the water’s edge, and he steps  into their little boat to go home.  Early next morning, his father returns from the sea. They ride past the jetty to his grandfather’s big boat.  He knows that he will be a fisherman, like his father and grandfather, because his home is the sea.  (FC)


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