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Lawrence, Andy. (1990). Long Wong from Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a story about Trevor Wong, a young boy who is about ten years old and lives with his parents in a tiny flat in a Sham Shui Po building.  Trevor loves to play tricks on people travelling up and down in the building’s lifts, but he always makes sure to be off the lifts before the five o’clock rush so that he will not be squashed.  One day he breaks his watch while playing in the lift.  As he tries to repair his watch he forgets the time and finds people rushing straight into the lift.  Trevor is pushed backwards by the crowd and feels very dizzy.  He finds himself squashed when he wakes up.  His arms and legs are thin as chopsticks and he is twice as long as before. Children in his building start calling him “Long Wong,” and he has to lie across the back seat of the taxi with his head hanging out of one window and his feet out of another. 

Trevor is miserable but is happy to help others who might find his height useful.  His father, a policeman, asks Trevor to join the police force as a Junior Officer.  Apart from helping an old woman retrieve her ring from a drain, and rescuing a little girl from an empty flat, Trevor also helps the police to catch a gang planning a big robbery.  Trevor becomes famous and often feature in newspaper  headlines.  One day, his father asks him to dress up as the drum major’s mace at a Police Band Parade along Nathan Road.  The drum major forgets that his mace is really Trevor and he throws him high up into the air above Nathan Road.  Trevor hits an electricity cable and has an electric shock.  When he wakes up, his body has regained  its old shape.  Trevor is very pleased, and decides to use the stairs from then on. (FC)

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