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Lawrance, Richard. (1990b). The Mountains are High. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a story narrated in the form of diary extracts about a friendship between two fourteen year olds living in Shau Kei Wan during 1967.  Shui Dai Tai is an intelligent girl who aspires to be a scientist. Tíin Kam Shui works for Dai Taiís grandpa, a boat builder, as an apprentice.  Kam Shui likes Dai Tai and often brings her flowers, which Dai Tai finds embarrassing.  She dislikes Kam Shui because he does not go to school and smells of fish.  Both families are Tankas who used to live on the water, but have moved onshore long ago. 

There are strikes everywhere in Hong Kong, and one day, on his way to deliver his fatherís lunch  at the factory ,  Kam Shiu is hurt by the Police  who are putting down a riot with force. Following this incident, Kam Shui takes part in  the riots, to  fight for  rights for Hong Kong people.  He is jailed and is also a suspect in the murder of a tram driver during one of the worst riots.  Hoi Wong, Dai Taiís elder twin brother, is  a witness to the events on the tram and knows that  Kam Shui is innocent.  Hoi Wong gives evidence to the police and Kam Shui is released.  Kam Shui and Dai Tai eventually become very good friends. (FC)


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