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Keith, Ronald. (1989b). Tales of Terror. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a collection of four adventure stories.

“The Old Village”

Lucy, James, Adam, and Adam’s  sister Emma go on a hiking trip.   Lucy slips and twists her ankle, resulting in the four friends having to stay in one of the houses in a deserted village nearby.  James and Adam explore the house, and they are scared by a horrible ghostly laugh upstairs.  They go down to the basement and suddenly a skeleton jumps out from a secret doorway.  After the four friends leave the next morning, a film crew return to the house and discover that their film set is damaged.


Lily and Tony are at Emma and Adam’s flat. Adam keeps playing jokes on his sister and two friends, knowing they are afraid of ghosts.  The three decide to play a trick on Adam.  One evening, Adam is woken up by Emma who claims that she hears ghosts walking in the flat above them.   Adam sees a ghost outside the window and hears strange footsteps.  He decides to investigate, and as he prepares to leave their bedroom, he sees a headless ghost with a ball and chain around his ankles. The three friends are excited their trick worked and that Adam is scared . 

“The Secret Door”

Jennifer and her brother Keith are walking Kelly, their dog, along the footpath from Deepwater Bay to Repulse Bay.  Kelly leads them to a secret door covered by leaves.   After going through a long passageway, they arrive at a large open area;  Kelly  and starts digging and finds a box; inside there is a pirate flag, some gold coins and two bottles of brandy.  Suddenly they see two pirates; one pirate has a patch over one eye  and a hook instead a hand, and the other pirate has a wooden peg-leg.  They make a narrow escape back to daylight.  When the children and Kelly try to retrace the journey with their father the next day, they cannot find the secret door but  Keith and Jennifer hear a ghostly pirate laugh.

“Dinosaurs In the Mist”

Tony, Lily, Jennifer and Keith are on a school field trip to Tai Tam Country Park.  They have to answer  many questions on a questionnaire and meet with the rest of the class at the carpark in an hour.  They try to follow the map but take a wrong turn.  On the way, they see some giant footprints  They meet a boy A.K. and a girl Esma, wearing strange clothes that resemble animal skin.  A.K.and Esma ask the four friends to keep quiet in order to avoid being overheard.  Suddenly, they hear a loud roar and they hide in an underground room where A.K. and Esma live.  The roars come from dinosaurs looking for food.  The children are determined to leave in order to catch up with their classmates; A.K. and Esma bring them to the river as it is safer to sail down the river in their raft.  As the river becomes narrower towards a waterfall, they hear a fierce roar.  Two dinosaurs suddenly emerge from the trees.  They try to keep quiet. There is no ending to this story. Instead there is an exercise where students can decide what happens to the children. (FC)

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