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Keith, Ronald. (1989a). Holiday Surprises. Hong Kong: Longman.

Twelve year old Adam Wong and his ten year old sister Emma live in Hong Kong with their parents.  Their father sends the children to Toronto for the summer holidays to stay with their uncle’s family.  Emma meets Peter Tai, a famous singer from Hong Kong, during a visit to Niagara Falls.  She introduces herself and Adam, and her cousins Eric and Minnie to the singer.  Peter leaves behind a gift he is carrying and Uncle Wing, Aunt Jessie and the children eventually find Peter and return the gift to him. Peter is grateful and invites the children to sit in the front row at his concert. 

Not long after Adam and Emma return to Hong Kong, Eric and Minnie arrive for a visit. .  They all go to a dog show in Tai Po with their dog Henry;   Henry helps to stop some thieves from stealing several of the prize-wining dogs from the show, and is awarded a special prize.  They also go camping on Lantau where they see a boat on the beach.  It looks like the boat had an accident and crashed onto the beach because it is lying on its side.  Mr Wong sends Adam and Eric to get help while he,  Emma and Minnie go down to the beach to help the people on the boat.  They discover that the boat accident is not a real accident; it is a movie set.  At the same time, a helicopter from the rescue services arrives with Adam and Eric, and Uncle Wing and the children leave on the helicopter. (FC)

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