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Grant, Sandra. (1989). Hong Kong Hijack. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a collection of three adventure stories in which Hong Kong features as a location.

 “Hong Kong Hijack”

Kitty Wong and Lee Wing Fai are students taking a ferry ride to Macau Suddenly, two masked hijackers appear.  They hold Kitty and Wing Fai hostage and demand the government release some prisoners. When they arrive in Macau, the hijackers take Kitty and Wing Fai with them on a helicopter and fly to a small village in Guangdong.  All the hijackers except Hoi want to kill Kitty and Wing Fai.  That evening, Hoi helps them escape to the next village.  They seek help from Hoi’s relatives who hide them and eventually take them back to Hong Kong by boat, and the Police arrest the hijackers as well as the released criminals.

 “Opening Night”

Eighteen year old Lam Sui Ying is waiting for her cue to go on stage on the opening night of a drama performance.  She is worried about the complaints of her boyfriend about busy practice schedules, and about her angry parents who blame her for failing the mid-term exams. Sui Ying has stage-fright and cannot utter a word.  She runs away and wants to commit suicide. Near the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay, she speaks to an old woman sitting next to her on the bench.  The old woman tells her a story about herself and her granddaughter.  As they bid each other farewell, the old woman invites her to see a play the following Friday.  When the play opens, Sui Ying realizes that the woman is the main actress in the play.  The woman y later tells Sui Ying that she was there in the audience when Sui Ying was performing on stage, and she knows Sui Ying’s feelings because she had similar experiences when she was young and that she decided to follow Sui Ying to the typhoon shelter and cheer her up.


Peggy Chan and Jack Chin explore underground tunnels underneath their housing estate built by the Japanese during the Second World War.  As they  crawl inside a tunnel, it caves in and they are both hurt and trapped.  They try to look for a way out and bump into a man inside the tunnel.  He leads Peggy and Jack through a room with bags of jewellery and ivory and then to another  room with a small skylight through which they can escape.  The man holds Jack hostage, and allows Peggy to leave the cave in order to seek help.  He also threatens to kill Jack if Peggy tells the Police.  A policeman sees Peggy who has been reported missing by her parents.  Though she hesitates to tell the policeman the truth, she is too exhausted in the end and tells him everything.  The policeman instructs Peggy to take two drugged drinks for John and the man.  When they fall asleep, the Police bring the two up.  It turns out that the man has been living in the tunnel for three years with his two blind twin sons  because the Social Welfare Department thought he was incapable of looking after them after his wife passed away.  The jewellery is cheap imitation jewellery and the ivory-like bones are buffalo bones that the man and the twins use to make small animals and birds.  He sells these at the Chai Wan market every weekend for a living.  The twins end up attending a special school for blind children and spend the weekends with their father.(FC)

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