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as told to Goh Ah-Wai. (2002). The Almost True Adventures of Captain Pig: Space Explorer. Hong Kong: Chameleon Press.

This is a story supposedly told to Goh Ah-wai about Captain Pig, who lives on the 458th floor of Galaxy Gardens close to the Star Ferry Pier on Earth.  The public transport system in this place is called Mass Transit Rocket (MTR), which, along with many other place names  and events in the text are recognizable parodies of real life both within and outside Hong Kong.  Together with Phreddy Phrogue, they begin their epic journey on the 31st June, 2197.  Captain Pig becomes famous and is invited to be a guest star on Repulse Bay Watch.  He invents a “cold cream” for the people on the Sun and Pigza Planet, and he is good friends with the evil Professor Hippocrates Oedipus Potamus who owns a laboratory in the basement of Porcine House, at No. 1, Cannot Road.  Occasionally, Captain Pig is called to solve problems on Jupiter. (FC)

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