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Farrell, Nial. (1990b). Even Heroes Make Mistakes. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a sequel to The Million Dollar Ball and features Police Officer So and a fortune-teller’s prophecy.  One day, Alan runs into Stephen Chow, his next-door neighbour, while bringing home a heavy box left at the police station for his mother,  and which he does not know is a bomb.  Alan  tells Stephen about the fortune-teller whom he met three years ago on Temple Street.  The woman read his palm and told him he should be wary of the first of June.  She predicted that he would get three calls for help.  The first time he would rescue a baby girl, the second time a baby boy, and the third time, no one.  She also told him that “Even heroes make mistakes.”

A year after the encounter with the fortune-teller, Alan rescued a baby girl from a sinking boat in Yau Ma Tei.  He was featured on  the news, and people called him “hero,” which reminded him of the prophecy.  The following year, he rescued a baby boy held hostage by a gang of robbers on Nathan Road.  As Alan slammed the door of the robbers’ car, a robber’s finger was cut, but the robber, Kwong-fu, escaped.  Alan was awarded a statue of a man with the word “Hero” on it. 

Unknown to Alan, it is Kwong-fu who has planted the bomb and is eagerly anticipating his revenge.  At one minute to midnight,  the time the bomb is supposed to explode, Rebecca, Stephen’s baby girl, playing with the remote control of the television,  switches channels accidentally to a drama where a woman is screaming “Help!”.  Alan hears the cry next door, and rushes towards Stephen’s flat but discovers it was only the TV.  The two men laugh because the old woman's prediction has come true, “Even heroes make mistakes.”  Suddenly, there is an explosion in Stephen’s flat.  But no one is hurt, except Kwong-fu, who is waiting on the pavement outside and is killed by a falling statue. (FC)


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