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Farrell, Nial. (1990a). The Million Dollar Ball: A Police Officer So Story. Hong Kong: Longman.

This is a story about police detective Alan So who works in the Central Police Station.  Alan likes to ride  on the tram and watch people on  the streets.  One day, when the tram stops next to Southern Playground in Wanchai, Alan sees an old woman walking quickly along the pavement carrying a basketball under her right arm.  Cheng, the womanís nephew who is a triad member, has asked her to take the ball to his friends in Sheung Wan, but she has lost the address.  Lo-lap, a young boy going to the playground to play basketball accidentally swaps his ball with the old womanís. 

Two of Chengís friends come to her flat, take Lo-lapís ball and give her a beating. Alan and Lo-lap find the old woman crying in her flat.  Lo-lap finds the Sheung Wan address in the old womanís flat, and Alan goes there. Upon arriving, Alan overhears Cheng talking on the phone to his aunt.  The old woman tells her nephew that the boys may have swapped the basketballs accidentally.  Alan hides under the leader Ipís desk while the other three men question Cheng about why they have the wrong ball.  When Ip and Wu leave to find Lo-lap and their ball, Wong discovers Alan and tries to stab him with a knife. Alan shoots Wong and follows Ip and Wu on a motorcycle.  Ip finds Lo-lap with the ball in the playground and takes him away in his car.  Alan chases them and shoots Wu in the MTR, but Ip escapes to the ferry with Lo-lap. Ip  threatens to throw  Lo-lap  into the sea unless Alan drops his gun. Alan shoots him and saves Lo-lap.  The basketball is found to be full of heroine.  When Lo-lap comes out of hospital, Alan buys the boy a new basketball. (FC)

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