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Evans, Doris Portwood. (1972). Breakfast with the Birds. New York: Putnam.

This is a story about a twelve year old Chinese boy , Chu Fu,  and his talented mynah bird Ming-ming. They live  in a small room at an uncleís apartment in Hong Kong, and  make a living by telling fortunes. Chu Fu has a dream of earning twenty Hong Kong dollars in one day, and he promises to take Ming-ming to the teahouse on Tung Man Street to have breakfast with the caged birds if his  dream comes true. 

One afternoon, Ming-ming is scared by a cyclist who comes too close to her.  As she flutters, she pulls at the string tying  her leg to  Chu Fuís wrist.  Chu Fu moves aside and tips over a basket of oranges. The e seller scolds the people who are stealing her rolling oranges, and Chu Fu runs off. Unfortunately, he is caught by a policeman while Ming-ming manages to escape. Chu Fu is later released and he finds Ming-ming. It starts to rain and a man who just got off from a tour bus asks Chu Fu to tell his fortune, and gives him a  twenty dollar note afterwards. The next morning, Chi Fu brings Ming-ming to the teahouse to have breakfast with the caged birds as he has promised. On this special day, while all the other birds are caged, Ming-ming is proud to be trusted to perch upon his masterís wrist with a shiny golden ribbon circling her leg and Chu Fuís wrist. (FC)

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