Dicks, Terrance . (2000). The Chinese Ghost Incident. London: Piccadilly Press.

This is a children’s story about a teenage boy, Matthew, who works with his Dad as a paranormal expert. They are called to Hong Kong where a major building project in the harbour has suffered from all sorts of delays and is now apparently haunted. Matthew keeps having ghostly visions of an old Chinese man in traditional costume who seems angry. However, this ghost also warns him about various attempts on their life by triads. It turns out that the Major from HK military intelligence who had been accompanying them is in league with the triads in an attempt to halt the building project because he is against the collaboration between the West and China. This is what has been holding up the project. In the meantime, the ghost is unhappy because his temple, which is on the building site, has fallen into disrepair. Matthew persuades the site manager to look after the temple in order to placate the ghost. (KB)

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