Britt, K. (1979). The Man on the Peak. London: Mills and Boon.

A truly dreadful story about a rather thick girl who, on divorcing her husband, realises she is now in love with him but fails to recognise the blindingly obvious fact that he is also in love with her. It takes the whole of the book for her to work this out.

The location is Hong Kong but the place does not feature in any active sense in the text. The heroine is British, the hero French, the rival female Italian. The only Chinese character of note is the cook who makes delicious food. However, on arrival in Hong Kong, Suzanne (the heroine) is assured that in Hong Kong you donít have to like Chinese food because you can find all sorts of different food available, and the cooking skills of the Italian Sylvana come close to rivalling that of Sun Yu-Ren, the chef.

Hong Kong appears only as a place for buying jade and getting lost. A lot of emphasis is put on Suzanne not being allowed to go into town on her own because she is so witless that she will get into trouble. She therefore does go into town and predictably gets into trouble. This trouble is getting lost in alleyways at night Ė she opens the doorway into a yard and is so frightened by the sight of the Chinese workmen going about their work that she runs back into the street and is knocked down by a van. This is her only interaction with Hong Kong as a location.  (KB)


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