1997 Narratives




Welcome to the anglophone Hong Kong literature website. This website introduces you to the rich corpus of English-language writing about Hong Kong. Here, you will find short summaries and critical comments on more than 100 books. Most of these books are fictional, and they show how writers from many places and different times have imagined Hong Kong and its people.

Each summary will introduce the content, or story, to give an idea of what the book is about. Critical comments are meant to open up ways of reading and discussion. They are offered to readers new to Hong Kong and Hong Kong literature, scholars, teachers, and students searching for materials, book club members, and members of the public, both local and international, who enjoy reading for leisure.

 The 100+ entries are grouped under six categories: "Adventure" "Historical", "Romance", "Children in Literature and Children's Literature", "Gothic",  "1997 Narratives".  This will enable readers to identify their special interests quickly.  These categories also help delineate a book's main characteristics but they are not meant to be rigid and absolute. Many of the books can belong to more than one category. More titles will be added from time to time.

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This project was supported as part of a Research Grants Council grant on anglophone Hong Kong literature (RGC Grant no: HKU 7435/06H)

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